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Online Job Applications ?

Online Job Applications allow you to make an Application available to a Candidate anywhere in the world, 24/7.  The Candidate can complete it at their convenience.  You can elect to get an email notification of each completed Job Application the instant that it is finished.  You can control which of the data fields the Candidate MUST complete to insure that you get the data that you want.  You can review each full application as it arrives, and elect to act on it, or shift it to your Archives for later consideration.

  The Online Job Application gives you numerous

It is branded with your Logo and other identifying
information, allowing your company to join the cutting
edge of online recruiters.   Your completed Job Applications
belong exclusively to your company.

You know that our software will insure that your
candidate will fill in all entries that you require.   You
will have everything for your consideration for
background checking, for government forms, and for all
other hiring, automation, and file-building needs.

Having your candidate fill out the Job Application online
will tell you a lot about the Candidate's ability to work
online, their concentration, their ability to handle
detail, and their sincerity about wanting employment
with your company.

With all of the information captured electronically, you
will not have to re-enter the same data for numerous
other uses.   Background checking can be highly
automated, forms will be automatically filled out,
files can be auto-created, and your agreements can
be customized and ready for the candidate to sign.

  Until now, companies have rarely captured Interview
electronically either for sharing among management
or for legal historical purposes.   This interface allows
you to add initial and ongoing Interview Notes to the
Candidate's/Employee's file with little effort.   And, your
colleagues can add their interview or review notes to the
file as well.

  In today's legal and government environment, there are
many forms to fill out and have the Candidate sign.   Once
the Candidate's data are captured, it is very easy to print
whatever customized forms are required for signature.

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