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The goal of HR Administration systems is to move HR professionals into positions where they are doing strategic human capital management and not repetitive administrative tasks.    Today, 89% of mid-size companies outsource at least one HR function.

The Integrity Connection (tm) enables you to perform the following functions securely and privately online from any Internet connection.

   Collect Job Applications online 24/7.

   Keep your Interview Notes online.

   Archive any Applications on which you want to defer action.

   Fax in a companion Resume to be stored as an Image.

   Print completed Applicant paperwork ready for signature.

   Disclosure Statement

   Summary of Rights under the FCRA

   Authorization and Release of Liability

   W-4 IRS Witholding

   I-9 Employment Eligibility Verification

   Request The Examiner to generate a Security Interview

   Request the test Speech Perception in a Noisy Environment.

   Request Background Checks.

   County, Statewide, Federal Criminal Convictions.

   SSN and ID Verifications, and Personal Credit History.

   Civil Litigation History.

   Driver's License History.

   Employment, Education, and Professional License

   Drug Test, and locate the nearest U.S. collection site.

   Review all securely encrypted Reports in your browser.

   Review the full Applicant file.

   Review any previously printed Results.

   Setup email notification to your colleagues.

   Setup your own standard Screen Profiles.

   Print a report of your screening activities.

   Keep each Employee File online, including:

   Employee personal data

   Employee company contact data

   All previous reports and images of faxed in documents

   Emergency Contacts





   Company Credit Card

   Company Equipment

   Employee Reviews
Employee Self-Serv password assignment

   Citizenship, Work Status, information


   Military Service

   Employee Self-Serv enables updates of certain data.

   Print any Employee File.

   Print a variety of reports about your Staff.

   Enter Benefits Administration.

   Enter Compensation Data.

Some of the ADVANTAGES to you are:

   It exists here right now and is web-native.

   Fully integrated -- all parts talk to each other.

   Data for all purposes are only entered one time.

   Time savings can be documented for cost justification.

   No investment -- we provide the resources.

   You can completely automate your personnel files.

   You don't have to spend any money on software development.

   No on-going maintenance costs.

   No lease cost either, just a small weekly fee per employee.

   It is very easy to get started and to use.

   This system can handle all your growth.

   Access everything from any Internet connection.

Keeping your employee's records correctly helps you run your business more effectively and makes it easier to comply with Federal, State, and insurance reporting requirements.

It is essential to have current and correct employee personal data available, such as current address, phone, witholding status, family insurance status, and other details. These items are essential for normal business, Federal payroll compliance, insurance compliance, and numerous other tasks.

Keeping your compensation records current and correct is very important. Compensation involves more than pay rate. An employee's total compensation package can also involve commissions, incentives, bonuses, vacation and sick days, and many other financial and medical arrangements. If you elect to use this option, you have an easy way of monitoring and updating the information via your browser.

All employees grow and acquire new skills during their tenure. Many of those skills need to be noted so that when necessary, you can search the database to see who has the skills you need.

There are numerous tasks in the course of business that require you or your employees to have a current company directory.   With your employees already in the database, at any time, it is a simple matter to view or print the current directory.   Likewise, employees like to know the month and year of their co-worker's birthdays so that they can put a human touch on their relationship.   It is easy to get any particular month/day, or produce a list by department or for the whole company.

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