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The Integrity News
Vol. XIV No. 1
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January 24, 2005

Workforce Management
January 20, 2005

Persuading Your
Company Management
To Encourage Training

Your Company Can Profit
From FREE Training.

This issue of The Integrity News reminds you that valuable FREE training is available from your vendors, and from the  Internet.

One must invest a little time to GAIN new knowledge.   Yet, HR professionals can increase the ability of their groups to  provide better candidate selection and greater personnel  security while at the same time increasing the productivity  of their HR staff.

Part I -- Why Does Training Increase
Company Profits ?

Workforce Management carried the results of a survey  conducted by the American Society of Training Directors.   It shows   "The Relationship Between Training and  Organizational Performance."   Those survey results were a companion piece to an article entitled:   "How Do I  Persuade Company Management to Invest ( time ) In  Training ?"   The essence of the Survey made two points:   "(1) total revenues and profits DO increase with employee training, but (2) employee turn-over, employee satisfaction,  and customer satisfaction do not seem to show any positive or negative correlation."

The heart of the article gives "a number of compelling reasons for training employees" .........

    "Attracting and Retaining Customers -- The defining moments
that occur in customer interactions determine whether a
customer will come back, and the tools and strategies needed
to be effective far exceed what can be acquired through
experience alone."

    "Aiding in Recruitment -- Surveys conducted by the Gallup
Organization indicate that employer-sponsored training is a
major attraction for employees entering the workforce or
deciding whether to remain in their current position."

    "Employee Retention -- Trained employees who have skills to
deliver and contribute to the organization, and who are
recognized by their managers, are less likely to look for
another job.  It is true that the better trained your
personnel are, the more attractive they are to other
organizations.  But, it is equally true that offering training
opportunities to employees makes working for your company
more desirable and makes recruiting of top-flight talent much

    "Mutual Benefits -- Years of downsizing have changed
expectations of an employer's loyalty to the worker.  This has
been replaced by a more explicit agreement:  'We'll offer you
new skills while you work for us -- skills that can be taken with
you when you leave.  While you are here, you not only perform
the functions of your position but also use your new talents to
improve our competitive position.'  Thus, training benefits
both the individual and the organization."

    "Motivation and A Unified Culture -- Training can be
particularly valuable in keeping employees motivated during
periods of uncertainty, such as downsizing or during mergers,
by confirming that the organization is willing to invest in
them.  Such training also is a cost-effective way to establish
a common language and focus, speeding the transition to
effective, integrated operations."

    "Maintaining A Competitive Edge -- Customers demand service
skills, expect their needs to be understood and satisfied, and
also presume your employees will possess knowledge of your
products and services."

    "Commitment and Innovation -- Untrained workers seldom
look for a better way or suggest workable improvements.  Give
your employees the training to hone their skills and boost
efficiency, and they will be more likely to be committed to
organizational objectives and seek innovative ways of making
your company more effective."

    "Profitability -- Achieving the above benefits certainly
enhances your organization's overall profit" as shown in the
above referenced Survey.

Part II -- What Free HR and Security
Training Can The Integrity Center
Provide ?

    Recruiting -- We can show you how to attract complete Job
Apps online, 24/7.  Some of the benefits that you can realize
are:  automatic collection of document images that you want
to accompany the Job Application such as a resume or
certificate, automatic requests to references for the
information that you specify, automatic insertion of candidate
data for your background check requests, online storage of
Interview Notes, and automatic email notification of progress
in each category.  Your Job App with your format,
your logo, and your color scheme can be triggered from your
website or ours.  In either case, you realize all
of the above benefits.

    Screening -- We can show you how to do "staged" screening
to save money, how to best use critical information to make
sure that you want to proceed with a candidate, and how to
use technical features of The Integrity Connection (tm) 
interface to save you time and help you achieve uniformity.  
We can also show you how to use the various available modes
to keep track of candidates, employees, former employees, and
archived applicants.  Also, we can show you the quickest and
easiest ways to accomplish any periodic checks.

    Employee Files -- Training related to online employee files
is really eye-opening.   The amount of time that one can save
as compared to a paper-based or spreadsheet system is
amazing.   With your passwords, you can access your full files
from any Internet connection 24/7.   We can show you how to
check facts, print reports, develop reports on groups, and 
save time on numerous other tasks.   And for emergencies, 
we show you the best way to keep emergency contacts, photos,
automobile data, and other items.   You will see that all of
this convenience is just a mouse click away.

    Payroll -- Everyone knows the time associated with creating
a payroll, filing the IRS and State reports, and generating
various necessary management reports.   This is true whether
you use the system to get ready to hand-cut checks, send
data to a third party payroll service, or send data to your
bank for payroll fulfillment.   Now, these things are all
automated, initial file development is easy, and the time that
you can save will let you achieve many other things.   The
training is free in addition to the system being easy to use.

Existing clients and potential clients are welcome to inquire  about how you can become even more effective by using the  helpful features of our client interface, The Integrity Connection  (tm).   All training is provided online with a live coach on the  telephone.   It is in everyone's best interest to have you become  even more effective.   Feel free to call   The Integrity Center, Inc.   at   (972) 484-6140.   Helping you with your Risk Management and HR Automation is what we do.

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