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What is SSN Validation
vs. SSN Verification ?


Validation means the Social Security Number (SSN) is a valid number.    Validation can be, and usually is, determined by a mathematical calculation that determines that the number MAY BE A VALID NUMBER, along with the state and year in which that the number MAY HAVE BEEN ISSUED.  This process in no way ensures that the number: has actually been issued, does not belong to a deceased person, or even if the number actually was issued by the Government to your candidate.   In this type process, there is no actual access to real data from the Social Security Administration attempted or implied.   In an employment situation an SSN Validation will not provide any useful information about the actual status of an applicant’s Social Security Number.   It is a computer calculation used as a marketing gimmick.


Verification means that the Social Security Administration (SSA) actually says that the number has been issued to a particular person, the state of issue has been provided by the SSA, and the year of issue has been provided by the SSA.   While the SSA will not tell anyone whom the SSN is actually issued to, if it is not the exact name as presented in your request, the top of your report will be imprinted with a starred box declaring “possible fraud”.   The report is also imprinted if the SSN has already had death benefits paid on it, or if the person is drawing SSI disability payments, or for a total of 17 classes of fraud.

SSN Verification is accomplished through a combination of information from the national credit bureaus and Social Security Administration data.   If the national credit bureaus have received identical full credit application data on a person from at least two different merchants, they declare that the SSN has been verified.   Then, if your vendor pays extra, as The Integrity Center Inc. does, the credit bureaus actually verify the SSN number by washing each request for information made to them against their copy of the current quarter’s master tape from the SSA.

The Integrity Center Inc. ONLY performs SSN Verifications.

This service is available as a Social Security Verification on our Service Menu.   The SSN Verification process is also included, at no additional cost, when you request our ID Verification or Personal Credit History services.   We, at The Integrity Center, believe that our clients require and deserve the best possible information.    Our quality SSN Verification is just another way that we provide the best value in objective risk management services available.

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